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Celebrating Milestones: UCP of Central Florida's Graduations and Scholarship Winners

Updated: May 28

Written by: Kaylei Oliver, Marketing

Our students' accomplishments shone brightly as caps flew and diplomas were held high! UCP of Central Florida is thrilled to celebrate the recent graduations of our 5th, 6th, and 8th-grade students and those from our high school and adult programs. These ceremonies were not just endings but moments of transition and triumph, marking significant milestones in the lives of our exceptional students. Moreover, several select students were awarded scholarships, a testament to their hard work and dedication. We were honored to award the pristine Brie Wilkins and Casey Kendall Scholarships to those who’ve maintained and upheld the highest of standards. 


5th/6th Grade 

We celebrated the graduations of our 5th and 6th graders in a day filled with immense joy and pride. Our students navigated the challenges of adolescence with grace and determination, emerging as confident individuals ready to take on the challenges of the next steps in their education. We held the honor of awarding recognition to students from our Downtown, Osceola, West Orange, and Pine Hills for passing from the 5th to 6th grade. We look forward to seeing them continue to flourish and grow in the years ahead. 


8th Grade 

For our 8th graders, graduation marked a day of new beginnings. It signified the challenges and tribulations our students steadfastly overcame with astonishing perseverance. With the delight of awarding our Bailes Community Academy 8th-grade students their deserved recognition and praise, we know that they possess the skills to begin blossoming into self-assured individuals ready to take on the challenges of high school. Whether they continue their journey at UCP or their time has come to an end, we know they carry with them the values of determination and compassion instilled during their time at UCP. 


High School & Adult program 

The graduation of our high school and adult program students was particularly poignant, symbolizing not only academic achievement but also a significant stride toward greater independence and self-determination. It represented the tireless work completed by our older students to reach this moment. As we recognized this achievement of our TLA students we celebrated their exceptional growth, courage, and perseverance.


Our Scholarship Award Winners

Brie Wilkins Scholarship Award 

In honor of the late Brie Wilkins, Daughter of CEO Ilene Wilkins and former UCP Team Member, UCP awarded select students with the Brie Wilkins Scholarship. This scholarship is technology-based, representing Brie’s love for technology and teaching it to children. Each of our UCP campuses awarded one graduate from their 5th/6th-grade classes to receive this award because of their shared love for learning and technology. Recipients had the honor to choose from a week of ID Technology/Robotics/Coding Camp at Rollins College, a 3D printer with accessories, or a Family Membership to the Orlando Science Center. We are outstandingly proud of our scholarship winners and in the memory of Brie Wilkins encourage their love for technology. 


Brie Wilkins Scholarship Award Recipients 

  • Keled Santiago – UCP Downtown Campus 

  • Bethany Pentecost – UCP Osceola Campus 

  • Josiah Johnson – Bailes Community Academy 

  • De’Shaun Robinson – UCP Pine Hills Campus 

  • Addison Hibbard – UCP Healthy West Orange Campus 


Casey Kendall Scholarship Award 

The Casey Kendall Scholarship award is a memorial scholarship offered by UCP of Central Florida, honoring the memory of a beloved individual by supporting the educational pursuits of selected graduating students. Recipients of this prestigious scholarship receive $500, recognizing their achievements and providing a stepping stone toward their future endeavors. This scholarship not only commemorates Casey Kendall's legacy but also empowers students to pursue their dreams with confidence and determination. The six recipients of this award from our spring graduating classes are believed to be the best individuals for upholding and representing the legacy of Casey Kendall. It is with great excitement that we awarded those with the proper recognition.  

Casey Kendall Scholarship Award Recipients 

  • Jackson Rees - Transitional Learning Academy 

  • Eliav Denque – UCP Downtown Campus 

  • Jovaniel Colon – UCP Osceola Campus 

  • Elias Ovalle Hernandez – UCP Pine Hills Campus 

  • Tyrese Swaby – Bailes Community Academy  

  • Abigail Hacker - UCP West Orange Campus

As we celebrate our graduates and award winners, we are reminded of the incredible journey each student has taken to reach this point. We know that the lessons learned, and the friendships forged will last a lifetime. Whether they continue their journey at UCP or embark on new paths, we eagerly anticipate hearing about the future accomplishments of our graduates. We are confident that they will continue to bring pride to our community! 

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