At UCP Charter Schools, we work with each student to unlock their potential, creating an individualized learning plan free from some of the typical limitations inherent in a traditional public-school experience. To maintain our customized approach, we increase our instructional staff to maximize teaching and learning, for all students.

While our methods of instruction are not always traditional, as a charter public school, we are responsible for meeting the same learning standards as traditional public schools, according to state and federal expectations. Our students’ learning is monitored and care is taken to ensure that each of our students is fully prepared for the next step in their educational continuum.

The mission of UCP Charter Schools is to personalize education for all learners. The framework of Multi-Tiered Support Services (MTSS) is used across schools. The Multi-Tiered Support Services Family brochure will give detailed information related to MTSS and the applicable processes for UCP Charter Schools


Some of the curriculum we use include:

  • Go Math

  • Dreambox Math

  • Guided Reading

  • ACHIEVE 3000

  • SmartyAnts

  • Fusion Science

  • Unique Learning System

  • Pathways to Literacy

  • ELSB (Early Literacy Skill Builder)

  • Handwriting without Tears

  • Write Crate

  • Fast ForWord


The National Organization AdvancEd has accredited all our Elementary Schools. This process is an ongoing, rigorous continuous improvement process, focused on student achievement with systematic implementation and a focus on responsive change processes.