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Welcome to UCP Charter Schools, where your child  journey to academic excellence begins! Our four-step admission process is designed with you in mind, ensuring a smooth transition from expressing your interest to exploring our campuses and ultimately booking a tour.

Follow these five steps to start your admission journey:


We host virtual information and Q&A webinars to help interested families learn more about us and have an opportunity to ask questions about how our Charter Schools can help your children.


Click the button below to join one of our webinar sessions.



Explore our various campuses, each with its own character and charm. Discover the academic programs, facilities, and community atmosphere that make UCP a standout choice for your education. 



Express your interest by submitting our easy-to-complete interest form.

This step connects you with our admissions team, allowing us to understand your unique needs and preferences. 


Bailes Community

Kindergarten -5th 


UCP Pine Hills

Toddlers - 5th


Bailes Early Childhood Academy

Infants - Preschool


UCP Seminole

Toddlers - 2nd 


UCP Downtown/BETA

Infant - 5th



6th - 12th |

Post Grad Program


UCP Osceola

Toddler - 5th


UCP West Orange

Toddlers - 5th


Immerse yourself in the UCP experience by booking a campus tour. Witness firsthand the dynamic classrooms, facilities, and the vibrant campus life that defines our educational environment.


Your personalized tour awaits – book now to take the next step towards joining our academic community.


After your tour, experience personalized follow-up at the campus level. Our dedicated team will guide you through any additional questions, provide insights into the admission process, and ensure that you have the support you need as you consider joining the UCP Charter School community.

UCP Charter Schools will accept students from outside of the county where it is located – based on capacity. A determination of the schools with available capacity will be updated every 12 weeks. 

Controlled Open Enrollment options will be available for ESE PreK students and all K-12th Grade students (based on current grades offered at the school).

Based on current enrollment for the 2023-24 school year, the following schools are projected to have available capacity for the specified number of seats.

2023_enrollment chart_2.22.24-11.png

Revised February 22, 2024

  • What is the cost to attend UCP Charter Schools?
    Early Childhood Program (infants - PreK) ▪ For students with an IFSP or IEP - there is no cost to attend to attend the school day program ▪ For students without an IFSP/IEP - the cost varies by campus and age of child ▪ UCP accepts 4C/School Readiness and also Voluntary PreK (VPK). Kindergarten through 12th Grade There are no costs to attend the school day program (tuition is free) for all students (there is a requested $35/year supply fee)
  • What are the hours of UCP Charter Schools?
    UCP Charter School follows a school day (approximately 8-9am - 3pm - depending on the campus). • All campuses also offer a before and after school program that is private pay.
  • What is the staffing/class size at UCP Charter Schools?
    All of our classes (except the infant rooms) are led by a Certified Teacher (with a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree). • In addition to the teachers - classes have at least one paraprofessional (and in most cases two or a co-teacher). • Class sizes: ▪ Early Childhood classes range from 8 children (infants) to 18 children (PreK) ▪ K-3rd grade are generally 15-22 students (up to 22-23 if a co-teacher) ▪ 4th - 8th grade are generally 15-24 students. ▪ UCP Transitional Learning Academy class sizes are 9-14 students. ▪ We also offer some limited ESE/Low Ratio classes for students with behavior needs (based on a child IEP needs) with 9 students and 3 staff. These are not located at all campuses
  • Is there transportation?
    • No - UCP Charter School does not offer transportation except at UCP Seminole Campus.
  • Are you an Early Steps Provider for Early Intervention Services?
    Yes, UCP of Central Florida is an Early Steps provider. We work closely with Early Steps of Central Florida/Howard Phillips Center and Orlando Health to provide classroom and therapy services for children from birth to three years old.
  • Do you provide Breakfast or Lunch?
    Yes, all UCP Campuses provide free breakfast and lunch to all students.
  • What is an Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP) or Individual Education Plan (IEP)?
    An Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP) is for children birth to age 3 with a defined disability or delay. An IFSP is written after the child is evaluated and found eligible for early intervention services by Early Steps. For more information: • An Individual Educational Plan (IEP) is a written plan that describes the individual specialized learning needs of a student with a disability (over the age of 3-age 21) and the services, supports, aids and accommodations or modifications that will be provided to that student based on the evaluation, eligibility and placement as a student with a disability in a school system.
  • What curriculum do you use at UCP Charter Schools?
    Early Childhood Programs - Frog Street Curriculum - • K-12th Grade - Our various curriculum aligns with the Florida B.E.S.T Standards. ▪ For more specifics on the curriculum that is used: ▪ UCP Charter Schools also use project-based learning and arts/technology integration and the Orton Gillingham multi-sensory approach for reading.
  • What is the difference between a traditional public school, a public charter school and a private school?
    Traditional (i.e. neighborhood schools) and Charter public schools both have to follow all state and federal laws related to education. This includes accountability, state testing, school grades, teacher certification, and background checks. Both are free of charge. ▪ Traditional schools are “zoned”, and you need to live in that zone to attend. ▪ Charter Schools are schools of choice – you can choice to attend regardless of where you live (there are priorities for children living in the county the school is located in). Charter schools were created to be more innovative and have more flexibility on how they deliver the curriculum/instruction. Private Schools do not have any legal obligation to follow a child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) in any way (i.e. provide therapy, accommodations, etc.). ▪ They also are not required to have any background checks for their staff or any specific credentials for teachers/staff. ▪ Parents generally pay tuition for private schools (though sometimes vouchers cover tuition)
  • What therapy is available for my child?
    If speech, physical or occupational therapy is indicated on your child's IFSP or IEP - UCP provides this service either individually (1:1) or in a group. • UCP also provides “medical model” Speech, physical and occupational therapy that can take place on site. We accept Medicaid, most insurance plans and private pay. You can also enroll your child in therapy before they start classes
  • What is the difference between Medical and Charter Therapy?
    • Our charter therapy service model works under a student’s Individualized Education Program and utilizes individual, group, in-classroom, and out-of-classroom activities. Charter therapy is included as a component of the holistic learning approach utilized by UCP Charter School and there is no charge for these services. • Our medical therapy services work under a prescription and plan of care where intervention is provided in a clinical setting or the child’s natural environment. These services can be provided to children regardless of enrollment at a UCP Charter School.
  • Do UCP Charter Schools provide ABA/Behavior Therapy services?
    UCP Charter Schools are not a behavior focused schools and thus do not directly offer ABA or other behavior therapy services. However, UCP of Central Florida will be opening an ABA Clinic and Private Behavior School in Fall 2023 (Unlocking Positive Behavior). For more info: • We do also work with outside ABA providers to provide services. If you have a provider interested in working with your child at our schools - please have them follow the steps on the Outside Care Provider website:
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