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Spring Into Wellness: Refresh Your Mind and Body with These Simple Tips

Written By: Wendy Thomson, Director of Family & Child Support Services

Some of the early signs that spring is approaching are the shifting temperatures, increasing sunlight, and the budding blooms that often trigger allergies. This season brings a sense of turnover and renewal, with longer days prompting people to venture out and embrace the changing weather. The days feel longer, and people start to venture out to enjoy the changing spring weather.

Spring Flowers

As this period of new growth unfolds, it's an ideal time to focus on our mental health and consider how we can transition along with nature into a revitalized version of ourselves. It's a time to refresh our minds and bodies.

Here are a few tips to try as we blossom into spring:


  1. Consider increasing your time outdoors to soak up sunlight, the richest source of Vitamin D. In the U.S., 4 out of 10 people are deficient in this crucial vitamin due to sunscreen use and indoor jobs, leading to various health issues. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with bone pain and fractures, muscle weakness, asthma in children, and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

  2. Declutter your space to improve both your living environment and mental well-being. Research shows that people who live in clutter have higher levels of anxiety and depression. Start small by cleaning out a junk drawer, then move to the closet, before you know it you will find yourself enjoying the process and it will greatly boost your feelings of accomplishment and maybe even your wallet if you sell or donate items.

  3. Make sure to make time for exercise. Combining cleaning with outdoor walking will provide movement and exposure to sunlight, which is essential for your body to get Vitamin D.


Making small changes can have a positive impact on your mental health almost instantly. Happy Spring!


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