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Spring Break Bonanza: Exciting Activities for Your Kids' Spring Break!

Updated: Feb 20

Written by Dr. Sarah Valley, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Flip Flops in the Sand

Spring break is almost here meaning it’s nearly time for some well-deserved rest and fun! However, keeping your kids entertained can be quite a challenge. With the temptation of screens and the constant "I'm bored" complaints, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But don't worry, because in Florida, there are plenty of exciting outdoor activities that can keep your kids active and happy. Here are some fun ideas to keep you entertained over the break:


Cady Way Trail Route
  1. Take advantage of the trails: Cady Way trail, Seminole trail, and Lake Eola Loop are some examples of paved scenic trails for great for biking, walking, skating, and scootering. A fun challenge is to see if you can identify any wildlife that you encounter. For more ideas of where to go, allows you to filter your search to include paved trails, dog-friendly, etc. If you or someone you know has mobility needs, Seminole State Forest has an all-terrain wheelchair that you can rent to use on their trail with a reservation.


  1. Go Geocaching: It’s like a real-life treasure hunt! You use GPS coordinates through your cellphone or a GPS unit to lead yourself to your hidden “cache” treasure. In some of the caches you may find a few riches but, be sure that if you take something you leave something for the next explorer to find!


Playground Tunnel
  1. Check out local playgrounds: You might be surprised to find that several of them have splash pads available for free or at low cost. The best part is that each playground offers different amenities and structures to explore from swings to ziplines, ensuring your kids never get bored! Just be sure to bring water bottles, as not all playgrounds have water fountains available.


  1. Get out on the water: We have springs all over Central Florida and most offer kayak and canoe rentals. Whether you want to work on your rowing skills or relax and enjoy the sun, this is a great way to spend the day on the water! You can even paddle upstream and float back down to where you started, like a lazy river. A few parks including Wekiva State Park, Silver Springs State Park, Ichetucknee State Park, and Lake Griffin State Park, offer wheelchair-accessible options if needed.


People on the Beach
  1. Enjoy the sandy beaches: Want to feel the sand between your toes? Florida is home to multiple beautiful beaches with so much to offer. The more popular ones tend to be pretty crowded during the break, but don't let that deter you. Some beaches offer free wheelchair rentals  (in exchange for your keys or ID), with wheelchairs that are made to move on the sand. The wheelchairs are on a first come, first served basis so make sure you arrive early.


If you would rather stay closer to home, there are a couple of screen-free options to keep your kids engaged. You can play board or card games which are great ways for kids to practice turn-taking, strategizing, and sportsmanship. Or you can cook a meal together where they can work on fine motor skills, math, and reading. You can turn on some music and have a dance party where you’re exposed to different musical choices, and you can show off your moves. You just might find a new routine to enjoy for the next break.


Check with your healthcare provider before attempting certain activities!


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