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Keeping Reading Skills Alive Over Summer Break

Written by: Abigail Raines, Speech Language Pathologist

Summer break is quickly approaching! But just because school is out for summer doesn’t mean reading should stop! Did you know that research shows students start losing reading skills the first week they are out of school during summer? Research also shows that a child can lose up to 3 months of reading skills just during summer break! Here are some tips to keep your child excited about reading all summer long!

1. Visit your local library

  • Libraries have huge selections of children’s books! Take a trip to the library and let your child pick out the books they are interested in. Children are more likely to read if the book is appealing to them.

  • Libraries also have fun and free or inexpensive summer reading programs for children of all ages!

2. Read with your child!

  • No matter your child’s age, it is important to schedule a time to read with your child during the day. For younger children, you can read to them and engage them in conversation about the pictures you see. For children developing reading skills, you can take turns reading the pages of a book. First, you read a page, then allow your child to read a page. For older children, read the same book as them and talk about the book throughout the day. Even 10-15 minutes of reading with your child will make a difference!

3. Set some goals and make it fun!

  • Together you and your child can create reading goals you want to accomplish this summer. This can be a certain number of pages to be read each week or even a certain number of books to read over the summer. Be sure to plan a fun celebration for when your child accomplishes the goal!

These tips can help keep reading fun and help your child maintain the skills they worked hard to gain during the school year.

Are you interested in receiving up to 10 free books for your child? Check out the New Worlds Reading website and sign up to see if your child is eligible to receive free books this summer!

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