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Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Jan 8

Article content provided by Abigail Raines

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means gift-giving is right around the corner! There are so many great toys on the market it can be overwhelming to decide what toys to buy your child. However, when it comes to toys, not all toys are created equally. Some toys specifically promote language, fine motor, and gross motor skills, which can help your child’s development! Here are some toy features to look for when selecting toys for your child:

  • Less is more! | While toys with fun lights and sounds are attractive, simple, non-battery-operated toys promote descriptive language during play.

  • Toys that promote building or construction | Blocks, marble mazes, pretend construction kits and magnet tiles encourage children to use their hands, which promotes fine motor skills!

  • Toys that encourage active play | Pop-up tunnels, plasma cars, pogo stick bikes, and ball activities promote gross motor skills and encourage children to get up and move!

  • Toys that encourage pretend play, creativity, and imagination | Arts/crafts, pretend kitchen, puppets, and dolls will promote language, fine motor and gross motor skills. Toys used for pretend play encourages independence, problem-solving skills and help your child learn their likes and dislikes.

  • Books | Books promote so many different skills! Reading with your child is a great way to time to bond with your child. Reading can be an independent activity. Even if your child is not reading yet, having your child look at pictures in a book can foster the love of reading early!

Every child is unique! If you would like specific gift suggestions for your child, reach out to your child’s therapist or teacher! You can also download our suggested gift guide below for ideas.

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