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Healthy Bedtime Routine

UCP of Central Florida is always looking for opportunities to serve our families and children. One of the areas that many of our parents inquire about is healthy sleeping habits. Here are some basic guidelines to share.

Benefits when kids get enough sleep

  • Reduces stress

  • Better problem-solving skills

  • Improves memory

  • Improves immune system

  • Increases Creativity

  • Improves Mood and Social Skills

Good Sleep Routine Hygiene

  • Establish a predictable and smooth routine.

  • Set regular wake and sleep times.

  • Modify the bedroom environment, including noise, light, temperature, and bedding.

  • Help the child wind down and prepare for sleep.

Typical Sleep Schedule

  • Infants 4-12 months need nine to 12 hours of sleep at night

  • Children 1-2 years/Toddlers need 11-14 hours of sleep each day

  • Children 3-5 years/ Preschoolers should sleep 10-13 hours each night

  • Children 6-12 years need 9-12 hours of sleep each night

American Academy of Pediatrics

How can Occupational Therapy Help?

Occupational therapists also focus on increasing coping skills and self-regulation to ease the child’s capacity to relax for sleep onset.

For any questions, please contact Dr. Bautista-Harris at

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