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Fall Season Events Safety Guidelines

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Article content provided by Dr. Irma Rosa-Cains & Abigail Raines

As we get into the fall season festivities, these are some important recommendations to consider:

  • Provide ONGOING supervision to your children. They should never be by themselves when attending fall festivals and/or collecting candy in the neighborhood. Limit your phone use to emergencies. YOU need to be alert to all your surroundings!

  • Always be aware of the traffic. Vehicle accidents could happen even when events are held in a parking lot.

  • Establish rules with your children and practice them at home BEFORE attending any fall event (i.e., if you get lost, if a stranger approaches you). Some parents opt for writing their own name and phone # on the child’s wristband. Others take a picture of their child before entering the event.

  • Bring basic cleaning items in case of an accident (i.e., hand sanitizer, wipes, tissues, or any other item you prefer to use).

  • Bring sunscreen and plenty of water, if applicable.

  • Make your children aware of tripping hazards (i.e., cords around inflatables, electrical cords, sandbags)

  • Alert your children not to consume any pieces of candy, baked goods, drinks, etc. until you approve.

Large fall events can be overwhelming for children. Visuals can help children communicate their thoughts and can help with establishing expectations during unfamiliar outings. Below are some links to visuals that can help your child during fall festivities.

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