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Meet Our Bright Sparks: Introducing BCA's Students

Updated: May 20

At UCP Charter Schools, we aim to motivate and challenge our students to think innovatively and critically, instilling in them the belief that learning is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. We are committed to creating an environment where our students feel motivated to learn and thrive.  

We challenge our students to think in new and interesting ways. We prioritize teaching our students that learning can be fun and empowering. We have an outstanding group of students at UCP with diverse accomplishments, and a few of our students have made some exceptionally bright sparks that we would like to highlight. 



Our first bright spark is Mia, an 8th grader whose favorite subject is history. Mia is not a fan of science, but her favorite project was a science experiment where she had the chance to mix baking soda and vinegar, making an explosion and teaching her all about chemical reactions. When she grows up Mia wants to be either an actor or an FBI Agent, but she still needs time to figure it out. Mia's favorite thing about UCP is that she feels safe; when she comes to UCP she feels safer than other schools she has been to. The kids and teachers create an environment where Mia can thrive and never feel scared.  


Jackson & Quincy

Jackson and Quincy are a pair of twins in 8th grade at UCP. Jackson and Quincy enjoy sports and spending time with their dad outside of school. Quincy's' love of sports is what makes him want to be a basketball player when he grows up. Jackson doesn't know what he wants to be, but he enjoys peer-counseling where he helps with the younger kids. The boys agreed that the things they like the most about UCP are that they can be at school together and Quincy has the proper therapy and help available for his disability.  


One of our 5th grade students, Willow, has excelled in her classes. Willow enjoys reading both in and out of school, and her top goal is to get an A plus in anything math-related. Willow loves the fact that at UCP her teachers are ready to help her with her work and give her the time and extra help to better understand things she doesn’t get. At her old school, the teachers were not as understanding if Willow did not fully grasp something, but her UCP teachers go to any lengths to make sure Willow succeeds and can help her reach her A-plus goal.  



Vanessa is one of our 5th-grade bright sparks. When Vanessa first got to school, she thought she would have a tough time learning all the new math techniques that come with a 5th-grade curriculum, but with the help of her teachers, math has now become her favorite subject. Vanessa's teachers have helped her by teaching her some fun memorization tricks to ace all her schoolwork. The best thing about UCP, in Vanessa’s opinion, is how accepting it is. She likes that no matter what a kid looks like or what disability they have, teachers and students treat everyone equally. 

We are excited to celebrate our student's bright sparks at UCP. Watch all of their full interviews HERE.

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