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Meet Our Bright Sparks: Introducing Our Seminole Students

Updated: 4 days ago

At UCP Charter Schools, we are dedicated to inspiring and empowering our students, encouraging them to think creatively and critically while nurturing a deep love for learning. Our staff has built a supportive environment that fosters excellence and success, emphasizing that education is about acquiring knowledge and embracing the excitement of discovery and personal growth. From our diverse student community, we want to highlight three exceptional first graders from our Seminole Campus.


Ana Marie and Julian

Our first two Bright Sparks are Ana Marie and Julian, twins from our UCP Seminole Campus. Ana Marie and Julian are in first grade and have an insatiable love for learning. Ana Marie is a true bookworm with impressive reading skills, making her the best reader in the school. Julian's heart holds space for math, making him the highest-ranked mathlete on his campus. Both rockstar twins love everything about their school, especially their kindergarten teacher, Miss Stacy, who started their journey as little learners. Ana Marie and Julian are true inspirations, exemplifying what it means to be a student at UCP Seminole.



Telia is another UCP Seminole first-grade Bright Spark excelling in school. Telia is a kind and polite individual, described by her teachers as having a “heart of gold.” She empathizes with her peers and is always ready to extend a helping hand or offer support when needed. Telia’s remarkable kindness and compassion are evident in everything she does. Her enthusiasm for learning and compassionate nature make her a true joy to have in our school community. Her calm and bright nature will shine brightly in her future, no matter where she goes.

In our dynamic UCP student community, Telia, Ana Marie, and Julian shine brightly, showcasing the incredible potential of all our students. Through our charter schools, we remain committed to inclusive education models that empower every student to unlock their full potential.

Watch Telia and the twins's interviews here!

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