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Help Your Child With a Developmental Disorder Find These Benefits in the Arts

Art has many benefits, especially for young people who are just discovering who they are and how to express themselves. For young individuals who are living with a developmental disorder, different creative outlets can also offer a welcome boost of confidence and independence. For some, finding an aptitude within an art can be life-changing if they have difficulty in other subjects.

Parents can help their children experiment with different creative methods at home by offering the right tools and providing guidance on how to use them, but it’s important to remember that there are many different ways to be creative, and not all of them are right for every individual. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep an open mind and be ready to introduce more than one option. Here are a few ideas from UCP of Central Florida that you can try, along with information about how they can benefit your child.


Dance is a wonderful form of expression, but it’s also a great way to stay physically fit. For young people who have challenges with their motor skills, dancing is an outlet that allows them to work on coordination while having fun. Additionally, it’s a form of independence because it allows the individual to create their own moves and manipulate their body in ways that make them feel good rather than doing it because they’re being told to. If your child is interested in dance, set up a safe place for them to move around that’s free of furniture or trip hazards. It might also be helpful to set up a large mirror so they can see the moves they’re making. Different dance and music genres can be incorporated to increase creativity.

Making Music

Like dance, making music is a confidence booster and a wonderful form of expression for young people. Whether it’s through homemade tools or an instrument such as a piano, creating songs require imagination and thinking outside the box. It has also been shown in studies by the Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI) at USC to help kids do better in school because it incorporates literacy, memory, and math skills. Not only that, it can help young people become more social if they’re able to continue with music while in a school setting. Playing an instrument, singing, and engaging with digital music tools are all great ways to help your child get started on their musical journey.

Visual Arts

Another great outlet for students with developmental disorders can be found through engaging in visual arts. Visual arts offer a great way to express oneself, and there are many different ways to do it so. Painting, drawing, sculpting, and crafting are just a few types of mediums your child can use, and these can all help boost communication skills and self-esteem. Provide your child with a few simple tools to start with, such as oil pastels or watercolors, and work your way up to paint and clay in order to prevent them from feeling overwhelmed. You can also look for photos of famous works of art and online tours of museums to show your child; you might encourage them to do a master copy in their chosen medium just for fun. DIY projects are also awesome tasks that increase feelings of fun and accomplishment.

Develop a Creative Space

If your child shows a marked interest in one or more creative arts, you can help foster their interest by setting aside a room in your home to serve as their studio. This can be a boon to their skill development. If you do some work to a room to ready it for use, be sure to save the receipts. You’ll want to have a record of changes with before and after photos. Improvements like these can potentially raise your home’s value.

Join Your Child and Consider Starting a Business

Whether it’s through dancing, painting, or making music, it can be extremely beneficial for both you and your child if you join them in the process of creating. Not only are these stress-relieving activities, The Conversation points out that they can promote a healthy bond for you and your teen.

You might even find that you have an aptitude for a specific activity that leads to a new career; many people have turned to starting their own business in recent years by monetizing a hobby. Just make sure you separate your business and personal finances from the beginning in order to avoid any issues with the IRS. Consider forming an LLC to protect your assets, garner tax benefits, and lend your business legitimacy. Read up on how to start an LLC Florida for more information. A guide can walk you through the major steps to establishing your business. A formation service can even take care of the filings, saving you time and money.

If your child has a developmental disability, getting them involved in a creative art can offer them many benefits. It can be empowering for their independence, and it may even offer them an avenue to a career. Remember to consider the benefits of the arts, create a creative space for them to blossom, and even form your own LLC.

UCP of Central Florida provides education, support and therapy services to more than 3,500 children and their families each year. Contact us today to learn more at 407-852-3300.

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