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Meet Our Bright Sparks: Introducing West Orange Students

Updated: Jun 20

At UCP Charter Schools, our mission is to inspire and empower our students to think creatively and critically, fostering a deep appreciation for the joy and rewards of learning. We are dedicated to cultivating an environment that encourages our students to excel and succeed. Our focus is on showing our students that learning is not just about acquiring knowledge but also about discovering the joy of exploration and growth. Within our diverse student body, we have many outstanding individuals who have shown exceptional talent and achievement. These Bright Sparks from our diverse Healthy West Orange Campus embody the inclusive spirit of UCP and serve as inspirations to us all.



Our first West Orange Bright Spark is Lucas, a 4th grader who is paving the way for all the leaders who will come after him. As the youngest safety patrol in his school, Lucas shows his love of being a leader and his desire to be in service to others. Described by his teachers as a highly accomplished and thoughtful student, Lucas fearlessly stands up for his beliefs and questions things that do not seem right to him. Having been a student at UCP since Pre-K, Lucas is truly an inspiration to our Healthy West Orange community.


The studious fourth grader from our West Orange Campus taking the world by storm with her dedication and hard work is none other than our second Bright Spark Viviana. Viviana is an academic force who approaches her studies with diligence and a strong work ethic. Beyond her academic prowess, Viviana is known for her sensitivity and caring nature. She empathizes with her peers, always ready to extend a helping hand or offer support when needed. One of Viviana's notable traits is her desire for adult approval. She values the guidance and feedback of her teachers and mentors, often seeking their validation for her efforts. Viviana's unique blend of studiousness, compassion, and desire for approval

truly sets her apart from the rest.


Leah, a first-grade student who follows in the footsteps of her big brother Lucas, is one of UCP West Oranges' youngest Bright Sparks. Described as kind and polite, Leah consistently uses manners like "please" and "thank you." She is known as a good friend, always ready to help wherever needed. Leah's kindness knows no bounds; she makes a point to sit with and assist a special friend in class each day. Academically, Leah has shown significant growth since the beginning of the year. She is mastering decoding and reading words, excelling in math, and displaying a love for working with numbers. Leah's remarkable kindness and compassion are evident, qualities that will undoubtedly support her dream of becoming a doctor when she grows up.


Our final Bright Spark is Brynlee, a young achiever whose ambition is boundless. In her interview, she shared her unique career plans, envisioning herself as a part-time construction worker, dancer, and artist. Despite her young age, Brynlee's determination, and creative spirit shine through as she sets her sights high and dreams of pursuing multiple passions simultaneously. In her free time, Brynlee enjoys exploring the world of technology through her iPad and cherishing moments spent with her baby brother. Her story is a testament to the power of imagination and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

We are excited to celebrate our student's bright sparks at UCP. Watch their full interviews HERE.

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