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The Power of Arts Integration: Nalani's Success Story

At UCP Charter Schools, we are committed to our belief that the arts play a pivotal role in reinforcing and enriching the learning experience for every student. Across all our campuses, we prioritize arts integration as a cornerstone of our educational approach. Within the vibrant tapestry of our UCP community, a promising 2nd-grade artist, Nalani, has recently stolen the show. 

Nalani, affectionately known as Lani to her friends and teachers, is a standout student at our UCP Healthy West Orange Campus. Renowned for her exceptional intellect and unwavering determination, she approaches her studies with a rare diligence that sets her apart. Nalani's commitment to learning is evident in her impressive academic journey, with a notable rising trend in her test scores since the beginning of the year, observed by her teacher, Ms. Clifford. In Ms. Clifford's eyes, there is no limit to Nalani's potential, and she passionately believes that the only direction for Nalani is up. 

Nalani's recent success in the Angels for Kids Foundation's art scholarship contest exemplifies the impact of arts integration in our curriculum. Angels for Kids is a non-profit, privately funded organization that improves the lives of children in need under 16. Through their yearly scholarship, where students entered a Christmas card design, Nalani won first place and received one hundred dollars. Her card was also published through Shutterfly. This achievement not only highlights Nalani's exceptional artistic talent but also reinforces our commitment to nurturing such talents within our student body. 

Regardless of the subject matter, Nalani consistently presents her best efforts in her work, showcasing her achievements with a 'humble smile of satisfaction.' This unique blend of dedication and modesty not only defines Nalani's academic approach but also serves as an inspiration to her peers and a source of pride for our UCP community. 

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