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UCP Campus Science Fairs Spark Scientific Innovativeness

Science Fair Building Blocks

UCP students recently embarked on a journey filled with scientific experiments, hypotheses, and observations through UCP’s 1st Annual Science Fair held on February 15, 2024. From Kindergarten to 12th grade, students from every campus showcased their scientific prowess, presenting judges with a diverse range of projects, from erupting volcanoes to homemade batteries, demonstrating their creativity and passion for science. 


These science fairs offer numerous benefits for students. They provided a hands-on learning experience, featuring interactive exhibits and demonstrations that allowed students to actively engage with scientific concepts, leading to a deeper understanding of the material. By physically interacting with experiments and projects, students could see firsthand how scientific principles apply in real-world scenarios. 


Furthermore, science fairs encouraged students to think critically and analytically as they designed experiments, collected data, and drew conclusions. This process helped develop problem-solving skills that are valuable in both academic and real-world settings. 


The fairs also fostered creativity, as students produced ideas for their projects. This creativity provided a platform for students to explore topics that interested them, encouraging a love for learning and discovery. Additionally, science fairs often involve teamwork, helping students develop important social and teamwork skills. 


Our K-2 students collaborated on class projects, while 3rd-12th graders presented individual endeavors. The top three winners from each grade band advanced to the Consortium Science Fair on March 6, 2024, creating a platform for broader collaboration and competition. 


Judges were notably impressed by the depth of research and creativity, emphasizing the significance of fostering curiosity and exploration. Congratulations to all participants for their dedication and hard work, highlighting the bright future of our young scientists. We eagerly anticipate their continued growth and success in the world of science as we continue to grow our tradition of campus-wide science fairs.

 Science Fair Winners  


  • 1st place - Celeste Denque – DT - “Homemade Slime”  

  • 2nd place - Alex Araya – PH - “Can you tell the difference between coins when they drop with your eyes closed?” 

  • 3rd place - Kemoy Phillips - PH “How does color travel through materials?  

3rd -5th 

  • 1st place - Jerriel Torres Villegas - DT - “Lemon Battery” 

  •  2nd place - Eliav Denque - DT - “Crunchy Cereal” 

  • 3rd place - Mary Zamoras - WO - “Which brand of Chocolate melts the fastest in the sun?” 

6th - 8th 

K-2 Science Fair Winners
  •  1st place - Amelia Surgick - BCA - Does it actually kill 99% of bacteria? 

  • 2nd place - Israel Montanez - WO “Moldy Bread Experiment” 

  • 3rd place - Rasheed Burke - TLA “Flying a craft stick drone” 

9th- 12th  

  • 1st place - Pedro Rivera - TLA - “Breathless Bromothymol” 

  • 2nd place - Ava Cummings - TLA - “Chocolate Experiment”  

  • 3rd place - Lixani Calderan - TLA - “ Humpty Dumpty” 

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