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Our children have had a spark for learning ignited into a full-blown passion for learning. Both boys actually want to go to school! The team sees each child as unique and worthy of education and it shows. We are so thankful!
— Ashley (UCP Charter School Parent)


We are a community of tuition-free Charter Schools with seven campuses across Central Florida. UCP Charter School’s vision is to create fully inclusive learning communities. Every student learns and retains differently and mainstream instruction models don’t always work for every child. At UCP Charter Schools, we strive to provide our students with a comprehensive and well-rounded education through unique experiences and individualized instruction. Whether a gifted student needs accelerated instruction or a bright student requires more time and strategic intervention, we are committed to teaching state standards in a way that is most relevant to each child’s learning process and strengths. Our curriculum integrates Technology, Arts and Project Based Learning, designed to inspire innovation and interpersonal development.

At UCP Charter Schools, we value academic results as much as we value the process of learning, For us that means not only educating students but also helping them cultivate an appreciation for learning. We invite you to learn more about our seven unique community campuses and look forward to answering any questions!

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Both of my kids are academically ahead and thriving in school.They are very involved and what surprises me most is the skills of the teachers. My kids are challenged and taught how to think. They don’t want to come home at the end of the day and I know they are future leaders in an inclusive environment.
— Todd (UCP Charter School Parent)


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Early Childhood (Infants-PreK)

We are an AdvancEd/SACS accredited early education program that serves children 6 weeks through Pre-kindergarten in an inclusive environment. Our approach to learning is purposeful play sprinkled with activities to help each child reach their fullest potential both educationally and socially through customized education for all young children.

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Elementary (K-5)

At UCP Charter Schools, we focus on customizing our curriculum to reach all learners. Our teachers work to involve students in the act of learning through Project Based Learning, Art, and Technology Integration where students identify real-world problems and collaborate with their peers to develop the solutions.

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Middle & High School

The UCP Transitional Learning Academy (TLA Middle School/TLA High School) is a tuition-free middle and high school accredited by AdvancEd/SACS. This is our only campus geared toward teens and young adults with IEPs. TLA practices a holistic and interdisciplinary approach among teachers, therapists, administration and other support team members to ensure that each student fulfills their potential.

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Other Programs

UCP also provides a variety of services to help meet the needs of all our students. Each campus has their own therapy team and clinic providing physical, occupational and speech language therapies to students who need them. We also offer family support services and counseling. We believe that a holistic approach to a child’s emotional health, mobility, function and academics is key to creating paths for success for every child. Adversity can sometimes jeopardize a child’s academic journey and our interdisciplinary approach aims to bridge those gaps and create equal paths to success.

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UCP has been in our lives since 2010. We have four kids - they have all been to UCP- we are blessed to have found them. The staff always goes above and beyond, the individual care each of our children have been able to have is priceless.
— Jimarie (UCP Charter School Parent)


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An educational approach that offers immersive projects and active learning that helps motivate students. STEAM helps cultivate 21st Century skills including critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, problem solving and learning to find academic rigor rewarding.

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Our Art & Technology Integration Specialists strive to provide students with enriching opportunities that fuse standard curricula with engaging visual, music, performing arts and technology as a foundation for learning and developing relevant skills essential to a child’s learning and development.

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Customized Learning optimizes student learning potential and success by recognizing the unique gifts, skills, passions and attributes of each individual child.

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As pioneers in Inclusive Learning, our campus gives students of all abilities the opportunity to create communities to learn, grow, play and embrace differences and unique abilities. Inclusion models have shown tremendous results in all children’s social, emotional and academic developments.

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I got to see the school in action and believed it would be a great place to put Joaquin and I was right. My family has been with UCP for 8 years and grown from 1 child to 3 children at their Bailes Campus. We love UCP and what it has been able to do for our family. The support we receive from teachers and staff is phenomenal
— Candice (UCP Charter School Parent)