UCP’s Therapy Services

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As part of our holistic and multi-disciplinary approach – UCP Charter Schools has over 100 team members/contractors that are comprised of speech-language pathologists, speech therapists, physical therapists, physical therapy assistants (PTA), occupational therapists and certified occupational therapy assistants (COTA) who are part of the team to support students. UCP Charter Schools provides educationally relevant therapy as part of a students’ Individual Education Plan (IEP). UCP of Central Florida also offers a medical model of therapy for students who need additional services and support.

Educational Relevant therapy services support students to access, participate and progress within the least restrictive educational environment as defined on their IEP. Educationally relevant interventions support learning and participation in the classroom and children in their role as a student learner. UCP Charter Schools use a variety of service delivery models including individual, group, consultation, in-classroom and out of the classroom to allow students to reach their best outcomes. However, we generally believe that the push-in integrated model is most effective for most students. By providing integrated/in-class services, our therapists work closely with teachers and classroom staff to collaboratively address students' goals. This increases team coordination and competency to provide assistance and support to students. Research shows that when therapists model and instruct on how to implement recommended techniques that support a student’s accommodations and modifications, results improve within the classroom setting. Our therapists also assist in the use/selection of functional mobility equipment (including transfer and positioning techniques), and assistive, adaptive and augmentative communication devices.

If you believe your child could benefit from occupational, physical or speech therapy services – please contact your child’s teacher or the school’s staffing specialist. A pre-referral related to the MTSS process and an initial checklist of your child’s needs will be completed. If it appears there are difficulties in speech, fine motor, visual motor, visual perception, self-care, sensory processing skills or gross motor deficits, you will be asked to participate in conferences that may result in requesting your consent to complete a formal evaluation. The evaluation will be scheduled once a referral and/or consent for re-evaluation are completed, signed by the parent/guardian and forwarded to the appropriate department personnel. The student’s overall academic/ developmental skills, physical skills and medical considerations are considered as part of the evaluation. The need for therapy intervention is based on the student’s level of performance, the potential for improvement in the areas assessed and/or level of support already provided by the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program. Once the evaluations are completed, an Individual Education Plan meeting will be convened to review the results and recommendations.

UCP of Central Florida also has a pediatric therapy clinic on each of our campuses – providing on-site medical model physical, speech or occupational therapy for our students. We accept private pay (with a discounted rate), most commercial insurances and Medicaid. If you are interested in having medical model therapy on-site – contact the Therapy Program Manager at the campus. This clinic is also open to children from the community from birth to 21 (outpatient basis).