Teacher in Residence

A teacher’s effectiveness has more impact on student learning than any other factor under the control of schools including class and school size (Rivkin, Hanushek, & Kain, 2005). Specifically, an effective teacher has been determined to help students achieve a grade level equivalent gain of 1.5 in contrast with students under an ineffective teacher whose gain has been limited to 0.5 years for a single year (Hanushek, 2007). The UCP Teacher in Residence (TIR) was developed in partnership with Dr. Rebecca Hines of the University of Central Florida to support the development of pre-service teachers and increase the quality of instruction in the paraprofessional role. The pre-service teachers work as direct instructional supports under the expertise and supervision of expert teachers with a combined 75 years of experience in special education, general education and early childhood programs. The pre-service teachers are paid interns assuming all teaching and non-teaching duties for an entire school year within one school site.

The potential impact of this program has deep layers in various ways. As a school system we will monitor student academic impact, teacher retention impact of current faculty who are well supported by prepared para-professionals, and most importantly teacher preparation to make an impact over the course of a career in education, positively affecting hundreds of students.

Service Learning

A major benefit to service learning in our schools is the ability to showcase inclusive practices in education. Pre-service professionals enter our schools to be an extra set of hands, run clubs and volunteer to impact the lives of our students. These future professionals will gain an understanding of what achievement looks like through diversity and customization in our schools’ model of individualized learning programs. The impact of service learning for our school system deepens the learning opportunities and supports educators in a variety of ways.


Internship & Practicum Experiences

UCP Charter Schools has a strong presence in the community and education internships vary by college and university requirements. Education interns are currently placed in our schools through Valencia Community College, Keiser College and the University of Central Florida, among others based on collaborations available each year. Interns will fulfill their requirements while working with teacher leaders in our schools. Upon completion of the internship, our future education professionals can gain a deeper understanding of authentic application in the field that will have the greatest positive impact. Internships also allow our teachers to continue their pursuit of life-long learning, while growing and teaching future educators. For more information about becoming a Teacher Intern, contact education@ucpcfl.org